Teaching Workshops & Methods

How do you teach a short workshop on methods? Tips, tricks, and advice from experience

Effectively teaching methodology requires translation from methodologists to applied researchers. We have all been a part of a course or a workshop -- whether as a student or instructor -- where this did not go well. The goal of this workshop is to discuss effective strategies for creating your own methodology courses and workshops. I will pay particular attention to one-day workshops of the type that AMAP offers every semester (e.g., that AMAP certificate students teach as a capstone experience) -- though most of my advice should apply to any methodology course as well.

 During the workshop I will share my experience and strategies for teaching methodology courses and workshops. The focus will be practical advice you can use in your own teaching and/or when designing your own courses and workshops. I will provide template materials and many examples from mine and other's teaching you can adapt for your own work.