Lecture slides, example Stata and R code, and other resources available via the links below


 - Data & Model Visualization

       - Data Management and Other Fundamentals for Efficient and Reproducible Research

- Interaction Effects: Advanced Topics

       - Missing Data: Purdue AMAP        

       - Stata Programming—Tools and Tricks for the Applied Analyst:

       - Survey Design

       - Survey Experiments

- Teaching Workshops & Methods Courses

Statistical/Code Horizons Courses

- Categorical Data Analysis: Statistical Horizons Seminar (next offering July 2023)

- Data Visualization Using Stata: Code Horizons Seminar (next offering August 2023)

- Missing Data Using Stata: Statistical Horizons Seminar (coming soon)

- Programming with Stata: Code Horizons Seminar (coming soon)

Graduate Courses

       - Categorical Data Analysis: Purdue SOC 681

       - Experimental Design: Purdue SOC 609 

       - Latent Variable Modeling: Purdue SOC 609

  - Social Psychology: Purdue SOC 609

Undergraduate Courses

- Social Psychology: Purdue SOC 340


- ASA Data Visualization Workshop: Flexible Approaches for Assessing and Modeling Nonlinearities

- Linear Regression / Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis: Indiana University

- Making Predictions that Match Causal Questions

- Visualizing Interaction Effects - HDFS Colloquium: Purdue