Lecture slides, example Stata and R code, and other resources available via the links below

Short Workshops

- Data & Model Visualization: PAA & Purdue AMAP

- Data Management and Other Fundamentals for Efficient and Reproducible Research: Purdue AMAP

- Missing Data: Purdue AMAP

- Stata Programming: Tools and Tricks for the Applied Analyst: Purdue AMAP

- Survey Design: Purdue AMAP

- Survey Experiments: Purdue AMAP / Indiana University WIM

Graduate Courses

- Categorical Data Analysis: Purdue Soc 681

- Experimental Design: Purdue Soc 609

- Latent Variable Modeling: Purdue Soc 609


- Linear Regression / Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis: Indiana University

- Visualizing Interaction Effects - HDFS Colloquium: Purdue