cleanplots: Stata graphics scheme

cleanplots is a Stata graphics scheme to change the default look of Stata graphics. It is designed to implement best data visualization practices for readability and effective graphics. It is especially designed for better and easier default graphs of predictions and marginal effects.

Installation Instructions

- To install, run the following command in Stata:

    net install cleanplots, from("")

- Once installed: to change your graphics scheme, run the following command:

    set scheme cleanplots, perm


cleanplots (on the left) vs Stata's default graphics scheme (s2color; on the right).

Note I recommend more polished figures for use in papers; these are only meant to illustrate the difference in the default choices.

hist vidtv, percent

marginsplot, recastci(rline) ciopts(lpat(dash))

twoway scatter residstd index [w=influence]

marginsplot, recast(scatter) x(educ) 

cibar income, over1(degree) over2(woman)

lowess job phd