Data & Model Visualization Workshop

Data and Model Visualization in Stata

April 22, 2020: 1:00 - 5:00pm, Population Association of America (PAA) Short Workshop

Description: Understanding data and effectively presenting results are challenges that applied quantitative researchers face most every day. There is seldom a more effective solution than a well thought out visualization. Problems in the data are easily identified; complex effects are quickly summarized; effect sizes and variability are immediately clear. This workshop serves as both an introduction and a deep dive into the science, practice, and art of effective data visualization.

Anyone who works with quantitative data and is familiar with Stata can benefit from the workshop. The data and model visualization capabilities of Stata are impressive yet vastly underutilized. This workshop will teach attendees about best data visualization practices generally—and specific ways to implement these using Stata.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Research-backed best practices for effective data and model visualizations
  • Classic and contemporary techniques of visualization, from exploratory data analysis techniques to methods for presenting complex model results
  • How to implement visualization techniques using Stata
  • Software tools, tips, and tricks for more effective—and efficient—methods for the creation, storage, and dissemination of visualizations

Data and Model Visualization in Stata and R

April 17, 2020: 2:00 - 5:00pm, Lawson 1142, Purdue AMAP

Description: The AMAP workshop will cover the same material as mentioned above—but will include resources for data visualization in both Stata and R. The AMAP workshop is less software focused. We will focus primarily on the various methods for—and research on—effective data visualization.