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I am an associate professor of Sociology, co-director of the Advanced Methodologies group, and co-director of the Kernan Experimental Social Science Lab at Purdue University. I have three primary research areas: (1) intersections of gender and sexuality; (2) social factors that affect health; and (3) quantitative methodology—with a focus on categorical data analysis and experimental design. I teach courses and short workshops on applied statistics, quantitative methods, and social psychology. 

I am firmly committed to open science and reproducibility. Thus, I freely share the data, code, and replication files for all of my research projects as well as for all courses, seminars, and workshops I teach.

The various pages on this site contain:

- Description of my background and research

- My CV

- Copies of my published articles along with abstracts, replication files, online appendices, etc.

- Applied statistics and quantitative methods course, workshop, and seminar materials: lecture slides, example Stata and R code, and other resources

- Social psychology course materials

- Stata commands, packages, and graphics schemes I have written

- Links & resources for departments and programs I'm affiliated with

- Some guidelines for how to effectively ask for my help with Stata/R troubles